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TrenTyre is one of the largest tyre service providers in Southern Africa and was established in 1948.
It sells/manufactures new multi-brand tyres, retreaded tyres, wheels and allied services to cater for its customer needs. TrenTyre delivers these products and services via an extensive countrywide branch-and retread factory network, on-site facilities and a 24/7 network co-ordinated through a central call centre.

Vision, Mission & Values

To be the leading multi-brand new tyre distributor, retreader and supplier of allied services and products in South Africa TrenTyre employs approximately 1600 people country wide and seeks to grow its vision of:

• High Integrity
• Best People
• Superior Products
• Superior Service Delivery

To continuously meet our customers’ expectations and stakeholders’ requirements by selling and servicing quality, new and retread tyres and supplying allied products and services through the TrenTyre distribution network across South Africa.

We will achieve our mission by:
• Continuously delivering service excellence to all our customers.
• Maintaining mutually beneficial partnership with our customers

Branch Network

With a network of over 50 branches, TrenTyre is strategically positioned for its customer convenience. It participates in the overall tyre supply market with specialist focus on various products and services.

Retread Factory Network

TrenTyre owns 13 retread factories that are strategically place to cater for all the requirements in the tyre and allied industry. We are able to retread all categories of tyres, and manufacture, re-dish and repair wheel-rims. Due to our geographical spread of factories, retreaded tyres will be returned within the time frame agreed with the customer.


TrenTyre strongly believes in investing in South Africa and its people. The company is extending its manufacturing and retail operations to include a substantial investment in the creation of wealth through transformation and BEE initiatives. As one of the major role players in the tyre industry, TrenTyre believes that it can contribute significantly to empowerment and set benchmarks for the industry.

TrenTyre supports the underlying principles of Government’s BEE strategy, being that Black Economic Empowerment is part of the broader economic growth strategy. Secondly, that BEE should be broad based. Thirdly, that BEE is an inclusive process, and lastly that BEE is associated with good governance.

As such, the company believes that BEE should comprise equity ownership, empowerment equity/affirmative action and corporate social responsibility. Special emphasis must be placed on skills transfer, upgrading and real participation in ownership.

TrenTyre’s criteria for implementing BEE is that it must be a people centred strategy, in word and in deed. BEE must impact on the lives of those purposefully and systematically excluded from the economy in the past. Therefore, TrenTyre’s BEE strategy focuses on the development of entrepreneurs, skills transfer and wealth and job creation.

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