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Trentyre offer full tyre management solutions including that of outsourced tyre management. This type of service includes tyre bay management & effective tyre maintenance in accordance to customers operational requirements. This ensures that the best possible service is received consistently and the benefits derived have been seen to translate directly into cost per hour savings.

TrenTyre provide skilled tyre technicians to take over the daily responsibility of effective tyre by management and maintenance in addition to a multi national branch service network of supply. These can be run 24 hours a day, seven days a week and make provision for the full spectrum of services including multi brand new and retreaded tyres, equipment an advanced Tyre Management System and accessories, rim manufacture and refurbishing of wheel rims as well as flat proofing systems.

Detailed reporting is a prerequisite to measure efficiencies i.e. Tyre maintenance reports, scrap reports and detailed expenditure reports versus budgets. The information provided serves as a platform to determine proactive measures to be taken to improve tyre management efficiencies according to operations. A focused Tyre Care Programme, with air inflation maintenance, site surveys and retreading are some of the creative solutions to increase the service life of tyres. TrenTyre as a proven service provider, in partnership with its customers and the new tyre manufacturers, continues to focus on influencing the controllable tyre maintenance- and operational parameters in order to increase rubber productivity.

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