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TrenTyre has developed its own unique computerised Tyre Management System, that can be customised to specific requirements. The application can be accessed from anywhere that has internet connectivity. Provide improved service, supply and maintenance in a measured and deliberate fashion.

Following is a summary of the features, and elements of the system offered:

  • Track all the financial transactions of the tyre;
  • Track the movements of the tyre between vehicles, wheel positions;
  • Track Stock;
  • Track all surveys carried out per tyre and scrapped tyres including scrap cost
  • Assist with the yearly budgets and forecasting of tyre requirements;
  • Assist with brand/design/compound selections to suite specific operation (CPK);
  • Pro-active reporting to eliminate premature tyre failures.
  • Combined reporting from Groups
    • - Track vehicle movements
      - Compare performance between operations
      - Analyze tyre usage

Management Reporting

The objective of reports is to provide a single process to facilitate transactions for products and services provided by TrenTyre and deliver tangible benefits to our customers. The group TMS report will incorporate CPK reports where applicable.

This can include the following:

  • Scrap tyre analysis when scrap are made available;
  • Tyre Maintenance Surveys and Audits;
  • Tyre Testing to ensure correct brand selection;
  • Cost per Kilometre / Hour analysis;
  • Product Performance Analysis;
  • Tyre Population;
  • Stock statuses.
  • Purchase analysis by fleet

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