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TrenTyre’s OTR Division has been operation for 50 years and is known as the pioneer and innovator of the “Total Service Package” to all mining and construction groups in Africa. This innovation is in response to the operational needs of TrenTyre’s customers.

a. Products

The TrenTyre OTR Division is a multi-brand supplier of mining and “Off-the-Road” tyres for mining trucks and various all-terrain situations. We offer Goodyear OTR (off-the-road) tires that are specially designed for loaders, articulated dump trucks, trucks, graders, scrapers, haulage, cranes, and other underground mine services. If you are looking for OTR solutions, our selection of off-the-road tyres is suitable for most applications.

TrenTyre's extensive mining/OTR service includes retreading, OTR tire repair, and mining tire services. Through this broad range of services, we can help you reduce your vehicle operating costs by maximizing the life of your tyres.
The purpose of off-the-road (OTR) retreading is simple: to maximize tyre life for our customers in order to reduce operating costs. A retreaded OTR tyre can look and perform like a new tyre, resulting in substantial savings in the cost differential between a retread and a new tire.

When you salvage an existing tyre casing and apply a new tread, you experience a better cost per hour per tyre. We offer specialized retread services with customized tread patterns and compounds that meet cut and heat resistance and abrasion specifications via the OTR Monotred factory which also carries out tyre repair services (mobile repair facilities also available) to operators.

A leading cause of failure in radial OTR tires is sidewall cuts that penetrate into the steel cables of the radial casing. Left unattended, these cuts will grow with every revolution of the tire, allowing moisture and dirt to work into the steel and eventually causing failure of the casing. We offer sidewall-cut repairs, as well as the following OTR tire repairs:

  • Section repairs
  • Reinforcements
  • Spot repairs
  • Lug repairs
  • Sidewall bumpers

This division has been issued with a SABS certificate of registration (ISO 9002:1994).

b. Services

The OTR Division has a committed team of internationally qualified OTR product specialists who are linked to the field engineers of the various tyre manufacturers. They provide the following services:

  • Scrap tyre analysis
  • Fleet studies and audits including tyre and rim surveys
  • Site severity audits
  • Highlighting of problem areas
  • Developing strategies to minimise premature tyre discards
  • Cost saving strategies. Trend reports and graphs, early warnings, etc. through the use of the TrenTyre’s Tyre Management System.

i. On-site Services

Trentyre offer full tyre management solutions including that of outsourced tyre management. This type of service includes tyre management & efficient tyre maintenance ensures that the best possible service is received consistently and the benefits derived have been seen to translate directly into cost per hour savings.

ii. Successful cost saving initiatives for mine sites

TrenTyre provides invaluable tyre and rim support to mines in Southern Africa. As one of Africa’s largest tyre service providers to the mining, quarrying and construction industries, the company continues to render an unparalleled service to its OTR (Off-the-Road) customers.

TrenTyre operates comprehensive on-site tyre bay facilities located strategically at various mines across Sub-Saharan Africa, in addition to a multi national branch service network of supply. These are mostly run 24 hours a day, seven days a week and make provision for the full spectrum of services including multi brand new and retreaded tyres, equipment an advanced OTR Tyre Management System and accessories, rim manufacture and refurbishing of wheel rims as well as Arnco tyure flat proofing systems.

This broad range of services is fully supported by TrenTyre’s Merseta accredited Training Academy.

A focused Tyre Care Programme, with air inflation maintenance, site surveys and retreading are some of the creative solutions to increase the service life of tyres.

TrenTyre as a proven service provider, in partnership with mining end-users and the new tyre manufacturers, continues to focus on influencing the controllable tyre maintenance- and operational parameters in order to increase rubber productivity.

The partnership between TrenTyre and mining operators focuses on the five elements to optimise performance. It is important to note that every mine is different and requires specific studies to be conducted to determine tyre specification. This revolves around haul road lengths, payloads, underfoot conditions, speed etc. “No one size fits all applications.”

c. The Arnco Tyre Flat Proofing System

The world renowned Arnco tyre flat proofing system is another successful tyre protecting product, marketed by TrenTyre to enhance tyre life. Arnco replaces pneumatic/air filled tyres to a complete substance filled tyre. This is pumped to the desired pressure and flex density compound as dictated by the operational site requirement, generally used in slow-moving, smaller OTR tyre applications. Arnco tyre fill ensures the optimum 100% correctly inflated tyre from ‘cradle-to-grave’, with its known maximised benefits.

Servicing this particular market of open cast- and underground mining as well as plant hire and construction companies, calls for not only a specialised pool of experts, but also requires a vast range of skills and expertise, built on years of experience in the service industry.

By putting these disciplines in place, TrenTyre is able to add value in prolonging tyre- and rim productivity.

TrenTyre is a proud partner in most of the mining operations throughout Southern Afica. It continues to build its successes on its service offerings.

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