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a. Tyres and Accessories

TrenTyre’s relationship with the respective manufacturers is of such a nature that maximum consideration is assured.

All new tyres and accessories supplied are subject to the conditions of sale of the manufacturer concerned. We undertake, however, to negotiate on your behalf any claims that may arise with the respective manufacturer where we are your service provider to implement such adjustment accordingly.

b. Retreaded tyres and repairs

TrenTyre is warranted against premature failure due to faulty workmanship and/or materials, and any such tyre/s will be compensated as follows.

Retread failure:
Should the retread fail prematurely due to defective workmanship and/or materials, a pro-rata adjustment of up to 90% of the remaining tread wear will be given, irrespective of the previous number of retreads.

Casing failure (Customer Casing):
Any failure (non-operational) within the first 20% of the latest retread life will result in a pro-rata tread adjustment only.

Casing failure (TrenTyre stock casing):
Any failure (non-operational) within the first 20% of the stock retreads life will result in a pro-rata tread adjustment as well as a full 100% casing adjustment. Pro-rata on the casing from 21%.

Bead Damage:
Claims for casing failures as a result of Bead Damage will be limited to the first life (Virgin Life) and one retread thereafter.

Scrap tyre:
All tyres damaged to the degree that they are deemed no longer retreadable, must be inspected by a committee comprising of the customer, TrenTyre Management and a representative of the respective Tyre Manufacturer(s). This committee must reach consensus on the reason for scrapping before the tyre(s) can be removed from the tyre system.

TrenTyre only import and supply virgin “A” grade casings. All our precure factories conform to SABS and Arctic certification. Arctic conforms to ISO 9001.

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