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A leading cause of tyre damage is penetrations and tread / sidewall cuts that penetrate into the steel cables of the radial casing. In many instances they can be repaired if removed timeously. However, if left unattended, these cuts will grow with every revolution of the tire, allowing moisture and dirt to work into the steel and eventually causing failure of the casing. We offer tread/ sidewall-cut repairs, as well as the following tyre repairs:

• Section repairs
• Reinforcements
• Spot repairs

Tyres repaired correctly utilising only the best quality materials and following the best repair procedures can save operations thousands of rands in tyre operating costs. Carrying out repairs to that of tyre manufacturer specifications, repairable damaged tyres that have been removed timeously can be successfully returned to service and deliver additional kilometres of useful service and still be retreaded, thus improving cost per kilometre.

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