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The main function is to cover our customer needs in various tyre categories sold in this market. We offer technical services such as Tyre Surveys, Scrap Tyre Analysis, Test Tyres, Route Studies, Load Studies, Heat surveys and Troubleshooting.

a. Scrap Tyre Analysis

Regular scrap tyre analysis are specifically required by sites to be conducted by the tyre manufacturer, TrenTyre and the Customer. The relevant information is also processed through the Tyre management system. Scrap tyres need the following additional system output:


  • Reasons for failure; to determine problem areas within operation and then make suitable recommendations
  • The calculation of lost performance versus target
  • Recording loss per failure type.
  • Credit for casings
  • Any retreadable casings will be assessed for possible purchase (parameters to be agreed upon.)

b. Surveys

  • Tyre surveys are conducted as per site requirements to determine operational level and tyre conditions.
  • The information subtracted from the surveys are processed on the TMS system and the centralised service process unit.
  • The survey report will reflect (non-performing KPI‘s) operational levels, including actual pressures. Urgent attention and incidents reported directly to technical personnel.
  • Wheel position and permanent identification mark to be recorded for capture.

c. Site Study

The TrenTyre Technical Team will conduct site studies where necessary to ascertain the specific environment related to underfoot conditions, type of haul, etc.

A study of this nature will provide the necessary information to assist in recommending the correct tyre application.

The study will also highlight problems and possible causes as to why tyre failures occur, this will result in recommendation and solutions.

d. Load Studies

These will be conducted where it is necessary to establish or determine actual payloads, load distribution, specific axle loads etc, so that correct inflation pressures can be recommended. This will assist in extended tyre life and additional cost savings.

e. Route Surveys

These are conducted to determine road conditions and their possible influence on New tyre and retread tyre selection, performance and specific maintenance requirements.

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