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To achieve mutual benefits for both recipients and the Companies - to enhance each Company’s reputation via publicity, exposure in the community, improved community and employee relations, thereby contributing toward an improved socio-economic environment and improved Black Economic Empowerment status.

Committee Responsibilities

The CSI committee, comprising representatives from PR, HR, Legal, Finance and Marketing will manage the Company’s CSI initiatives by:
• Meeting on a quarterly basis.
• Approving budgets and projects.
• Pro-actively investigating and monitoring credible and sustainable projects/investment opportunities.
• Ensuring that projects comply with the requirements of the Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment Act.

Criteria for Decision Making
The following key decision making criteria will be taken into account when deciding upon projects:
• Disadvantaged communities (75 % black beneficiaries)
• Development, empowerment and growth
• Sustainability
• Communities in which Goodyear/Trentyre’s plant and principle offices are located
• Exposure and publicity for Goodyear/Trentyre.

Focus Areas
Key focus areas for projects include:

  • Education
  • Health and welfare
  • Community Development e.g. job creation, enterprise development, etc.

Grants or payments will not be made to:

  • Individuals or to organisations on behalf of an individual
  • Political, labour, fraternal, social or veterans organisations.
  • Athletic programmes/extracurricular activities.
  • Travel or exchange programmes
  • Organisations outside of communities in which Goodyear/Trentyre’s plant and principal offices are located.
  • Endowments for debt reduction.
  • Religious organisations or endeavours.
  • Second parties except specialised organisations (e.g. Community Chest)
  • A specific grant seeker more than once a year

SATRP Z-Fold Leaflet
You can download the SATRP Z-Fold Leaflet in .pdf format below; you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the file. Please click here to get the Adobe Acrobat Reader as a free download.

SATRP Z-Fold Leaflet (PDF - 2.36MB)

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